Our Approach to

Great Design


Throughout the design process, we like to keep a simple mantra in mind: “Share beautiful design.” We figured that as long we accomplish this, we will continue to impress our clients. From package design to web design, Eight Media specializes in creating an image for your business.

What separates us from the crowd? We treat your brand as our own. We don’t say a project is complete until we know it is stunning. Your company has a smashing idea and you want to show the world how valuable you are. Let us “revive” your brand.


BrandingThe only people that can change your customers’ perception of your brand are your customers. This makes your brand identity one of the most valuable assets of your company. It is more than just a logo, and it must be carefully crafted. Brand identity is the personality of your brand, including its name and visual appearance. It is the most fundamental part of consumer recognition, as it symbolizes what makes your brand different from the competition. Your brand identity also shapes your brand image and gives consumers a basis for association. This ultimately affects their purchasing decisions. A designer can’t make a brand, but one can certainly develop a foundation for a brand. That’s what we’re here for.

We can design your corporate logo and product packaging logos. In terms of brand development, we specialize in brand building and positioning, which includes brand naming and rendering your brand’s story. Backed by market research and competitive analysis, we call this process “Brand Revival.” The name sells itself. Your company has a smashing idea and you want to show the world how valuable you are. We know how that feels and we want you to have the attention you deserve.



Your product’s packaging is a consumer’s first impression of your product. It is also the last (and best) chance to make a sale. The packaging is literally the product identity. Imagine standing in an aisle with hundreds of products staring at you. Everyone has been there before. What do we naturally do? We compare, remember and associate so we can make our final purchase. Do you notice your product on a shelf because it’s exciting or do you notice it because it’s yours? To make great product packaging, a designer has to learn think to outside the box.


We believe that a great product deserves a great package. We want your product’s packaging to tell a story about what’s inside the box. We see packaging as an art, rather than a just a process. After all, it’s great art that gets more attention on crowded retail shelves. We have the talent to give your product’s package an appearance that is both eye-catching and distinctive. We live by the phrase, “stay fresh” and it’s that type of innovative thinking that gives our package designs such strong appeal.

WebLike your product’s packaging or logo, your website is a consumer’s a first impression of your brand and appearance is everything. The web is here to stay so why not make a good first impression? Repeated study on human behavior shows that people arriving at a website will leave it within just 8 seconds. Don’t be the site that users want to leave upon entering. The first step in attaining a high volume of online visitors is through a clean user interface of your website. The feel and look of your website tells visitors how valuable your business is.


Building a website on your own can be economical but ineffective if you don’t have the experience. If you can do so professionally, then hooray! Otherwise, leave it to the pros to make your website look stunning. We want you to focus on whatever it is that you do great. We’ll make sure your website is interactive and beautiful while tailoring it your business’s needs.


One key feature of great web design is user-friendliness. It’s an old myth that websites should be constrained for use with mobile browsers. These “imprisoned” mobile sites were useful back when mobile browsing took place on tiny screens with slow Internet connections. Today’s mobile devices and tablets have bigger screens with connections that are faster than ever. While it’s not possible to show an entire website on a small screen, we utilize the power of responsive web design to give your users the best interactive experience possible.


Setting up an e-commerce platform makes it convenient for consumers to purchase your product or service. Doing this is even easier once your online presence is established. The biggest and most noticeable advantage of selling your product or service online is that your geographical area no longer limits you. E-commerce gives you access to a potentially huge customer base with little investment. The drawback to is that you are competing globally. This makes it even more important offer a superior customer experience. Selling online can also lower your costs. When customers check out online, payments are fully automated so your store will be open 24/7.


Running an e-commerce site may seem intimidating, especially to those who are not accustomed to selling online. We strive to make the online exchange process as foolproof as possible for both you and customers by using the industry’s best tools. What good is an e-commerce site that’s hard to use? When we set up your website for shopping, we build it with tools like Bigcommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce. These ecommerce solutions give you everything you need to sell online. Once your website is up and running, we won’t leave you out in the cold! Eight Media is an official Authorize.Net solution partner so we have the expertise to get you selling without any hiccups and the professional support when you need it.